chanterStrathmore Wooden Pipe Chanter



The Strathmore pipe chanter is designed by Murray Henderson. Played by Murray and other top pipers, it has won prestigious awards in solo competitions in Scotland and throughout the world.


It is an easy-to-reed chanter and sits very comfortably around the pitch of 480Hz (453Hz), the range most popular with the world's top solo players. You can go higher or lower with reed selection and use of tuning tape. Should you have a specific pitch in mind, Murray can tailor a chanter to your requirements. 


The finger spacing was designed to give the player a comfortable, natural finger spread.

The chanter was reviewed by Bill Livingstone (world renowned soloist and P-M) for pipes |drums magazine, and you can read all the good things he had to say here.


Full-size image and also with silver sole.


£205.00 (ex. VAT EU/UK)


poly-chanter250Strathmore Polypenco Pipe Chanter



This chanter has all the great features and design as the blackwood model, but is made from polypenco. It gives a lovely warm sound and is very suitable for those on a budget, but wish a top quality plastic chanter.


See full-size image here.



£119.00 (ex. VAT EU/UK)



 Strathmore Long Wooden Practice Chanter






African Blackwood long practice chanter with imitation ivory sole and nickel ferrule.

They come with countersunk holes, to give you the "feel" of a pipe chanter as the spacing and diameter of the body is the same as the Strathmore Pipe Chanter.


£149.00 (ex. VAT EU/UK)

Additional features, such as engraved silver mounts are available. For example, the silver shield shown below on an African Blackwood long practice chanter is perfect for personalised engraving. The chanter also has the additional feature of a imitation ivory bulb.


Contact Murray to discuss options and prices for your personalised chanter. 




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