Strathmore No. 7


£3999.00 (ex. VAT EU/UK)



  • Fully beaded and combed.
  • Hand-engraved sterling silver projecting mounts.
  • Hand-engraved sterling silver drone top caps.
  • Hand-engraved sterling silver beaded ferrules, open ended on stocks and closed end on drones.
  • Hand-engraved sterling silver tuning slides.
  • Hand-engraved sterling silver full mouthpiece.
  • African Blackwood pipe chanter with hand engraved sterling silver full sole.
  • Canmore bag - zipper or plain.
  • Velvet bag cover.
  • Silk drone cords.
  • Murray Henderson reeds.



This exquisite bagpipe is the highest quality musical instrument with a luxurious finish. Stunning hand engraved mounts, caps, ferrules, tuning slides, mouthpiece and sole. 

All sterling silver mounts carry my full hallmark.

See larger images: full-silver tuning joint, mouthpiece, chanter sole , or photo of several silver sets.



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